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Meet Our Karate and Taekwondo Masters

When it comes to martial arts, it is important to train with those who have mastered their craft. Our instructors have years of experience and look forward to teaching you. Learn more about the members of our knowledgeable staff below.

Grand Master Maxie Cardoza

Chief Instructor, 10th Degree Black Belt

Inducted into the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame
Inducted into the Masters' Hall of Fame

Grand Master Cardoza began training in September of 1967, in Japanese-style Shotokan Karate. Originally, he tested for a 1st-degree black belt under Shodan, and after learning from Grand Master J. Pat Burleson, he re-tested in the American taekwondo system for 1st-degree black belt. He's been featured in Black Belt Magazine & Official Karate as part of the top 10 lightweights during the "blood and guts" era. He received his 10th-degree Grand Master Award on August 16, 2012, and is a member of the Masters Hall of Fame.

Master Maxie Cardoza

Master Alan Brosam

Grand Master Alan D. Brosam

Owner and Head Instructor, 8th Degree Black Belt

Inducted into the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame
Christian Martial Arts Master of the Year 2015
Inducted into the Masters Hall of Fame

Master Alan D. Brosam was taught boxing at a young age by his father, a boxing champion in the Army. He began his karate training in 1969 and has taught karate for over 40 years. He competed in tournaments from 1975-1990 winning many fighting tournaments. He's trained with several karate luminaries, including:

• Grand Master Roy Kurban
• Grand Master J. Pat Burleson
• Grand Master Maxie Cardoza
• Grand Master Rudy Smedley
• Grand Master Derrick Hayes
• Grand Master Billy Brammer
• Grand Master Billy Smith

Grand Master Aaron Cardoza

Instructor, 8th Degree Black Belt

Inducted into the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame
Inducted into the Masters Hall of Fame

Master Cardoza began training in American taekwondo in 1983, receiving his 1st-degree black belt four years later. He was rated the No.1 lightweight between 1990-1993 with the NTKA Association, winning many fighting tournaments and form competitions. His father, Grand Master Maxie Cardoza; Grand Master Richard Morris; and many other great karate masters were his instructors. He was awarded his 8th-degree black belt certificate in 2013.

Master Aaron Cardoza

Charlotte Hoffman-Emerson

Master Charlotte Hoffman-Emerson

Instructor, 5th Degree Black Belt

Inducted into the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame

Inducted into the Masters Hall of Fame
Inducted into the Sport Karate Museum Natural Fighter Hall of Fame

Mrs. Emerson was a leading female point fighting competitor in the 70’s and 80’s. She was the 1st woman to earn a black belt with Grandmaster Chuck Loven.  Grandmaster Loven was one of Grandmaster J Pat Burleson’s 1st black belt instructors.  She fought in the 1st professional women’s full match in the United States at Mike Stones’ full contact knockout karate event at Honolulu’s International Center Arena.  In 1975, she was honored to chosen by the Amateur Athletic Union to be on a women's karate demonstration team to do point sparring demonstrations for the General Association of International Sports Federation.(GAISF).  

The GAISF works closely with the International Olympic Committee and because of many people working together five years later karate was accepted in the 1980’s Olympic games.   July 1976, she was featured in Official Karate magazine's "Karate's Fabulous Females" and second article in Official Karate magazine featured her and her husband’s favorite fighting techniques.  They were featured Black belts in a Nevada television production entitled "Karate: Fact and Fantasy."

November 2016, she promoted to her current rank of 5th dan by a prestigious examination board of Grandmasters under the direction of Grandmaster Max Cardoza. 

Danny Ray Blackburn

Kind, patient, and tenacious is how someone described Danny Ray Blackburn and it fits him very well. Mr. Blackburn became involved in karate in 1988, to help support an overweight friend to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Danny tested for his 1st rank of orange belt before his career in Rodeo competition took him away from his training.  Mr.  Blackburn traveled across the United States working at making a career as a rodeo contender in bull riding, bareback and saddle bronc competition for several of years.  In 1995, he decided it was time to start a new career and start a family with his wife Cindy.   Danny started training in karate again with Adam Spencer at the recreation center near Danny’s new job.  This time he returned to karate to begin a healthier lifestyle for himself.  After a few years of Rodeoing he had a few physical challenges to overcome but he stayed with it and begin to excelled in his training and begin earning his more advanced ranks under Mr. Spencer’s old school values of doing it right.  It was during this time with Mr. Spencer that Danny discovered his love of teaching and encouraging fellow students.  Mr. Blackburn transferred to Red Lion Freedom Karate after the recreation center closed. He continued training and teaching at Red Lion Freedom Karate for the last couple of years and has recently earned the rank of 1st black belt under the instruction of Grandmaster Max Cardoza.  He is now looking forward to continuing sharing his love of karate and inspiring others to achieve their goals as he continues his own journey to achieve to further accomplishments for himself.

Danny Ray Blackburn

Hayden Allen Smith

Hayden Allen Smith

Hayden Allen Smith begin his training in marital arts at age 10 under the tutorage of his grandfather Grandmaster Alan D. Brosam.   At age 14 he earned his brown belt ranking in karate and other areas of martial arts as taught by his grandfather.   Mr. Smith has continued his training with Grandmaster Brosam and has done more intense training in other disciplines of marital arts with different instructors of boxing, Judo, Jiu Jitsu, Krav Maga, and Thai boxing.   Hayden is an excellent well rounded instructor.  He is wonderful with the younger students and well-liked and respected by our adult students and instructors.  This quote from his grandfather pretty well sums up how we all feel about him, “he is a very wonderful instructor and will be testing for his first degree world-class black belt. [ soon] He is a capable student, instructor, and human being.  I am very proud of him.”   Here at Red Lion Freedom Karate are too and we are family.