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Self-Defense Classes for All Skill Levels

Build your self-confidence when you learn how to defend yourself and your family with our Fort Worth, Texas, martial arts training. We'll empower you with techniques that will "put them down and take them out," and we will teach you in a fast and highly effective manner. This is possible for anyone! You don't need to be able to kick over your head, do splits, or hundreds of push-ups and sit-ups. Click here to check out our class schedule.

No-Nonsense Training

You do, however, need to able to listen, learn, and demonstrate your knowledge and skills with authority. We offer no-nonsense and real-life training, and you'll perform in much the same way. In order to produce the maximum results, we'll focus on training the following aspects of your being:

• The Mind: Mindset is Critical
• The Body: Training Until Body Mechanics Take Over
• The Spirit: Confident Training Breeds Confident Performance

Beginners Training

Listening Class

Protect Yourself

We offer a variety of classes for people of all ages and skill levels. Self-defense training is available for men and women, as well as seniors and adolescents. It's vitally important to be have the proper training to remain calm in an emergency situation, and to know exactly what to do to protect yourself. Our instructors also offer training in the martial arts disciplines of taekwondo, and traditional close-quarter combat training.