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We will teach you to defend yourself and your family in a quick and effective manner.

We will empower you with techniques to "put them down and take them out."

You DO NOT need to be able to kick over your head, you DO NOT need to be able to do the splits, you DO NOT need to be able to do hundreds of push-ups, sit-ups, etc.

You DO need to be able to listen, learn, and demonstrate with authority.

You will perform in the manner in which you train; we offer no-nonsense, real-life training.

We Will Train Your:

  • Mind (The correct mindset is critical.)
  • Body (We will train until body mechanics take over.)
  • Spirit (Confident training breeds confident performance.)

We Offer:

  1. Martial Arts Training: Tae Kwon Do, Jiu Jitsu and Traditional Close Quarter Combat Training
  2. Self Defense Training: Be able to handle any bad situation.
  3. Ladies' Awareness and Defense Training: Know what to do, when to do, and how to it.
  4. Adolensence Awareness and Defense Training: Know what to do, when to do, and how to it.
  5. Senior Self-defense Tactics

Grand Master Maxie Cardoza

10th Degree Black Belt / Chief Instructor

Grand Master Cardoza began training in Sept. of 1967 in the Japanese Style Shotokan Karate. He tested for Shodan, 1st degree black belt 3 years later. His Sensei left town so he joined Grand Master J. Pat Burleson. He trained for one year and re-tested in the American Tae Kwon Do system for 1st degree black again. He has been featured in Black Belt Magazine & Official Karate as top ten light weight in the blood and guts era. He received his 10th degree Grand Master Award on 08/16/2012 and is a member of the Masters Hall of Fame.

Master Aaron Cardoza

8th Degree Black Belt / Instructor

Master Cardoza began his training in American Tae Kwon Do in 1983. He received his 1st degree black belt four years later. He was rated #1 light-weight between 1990-1993 with the NTKA association winning many fighting tournaments and form competitions. His father, Grand Master Maxie Cardoza, Grand Master Richard Morris and many other great karate notables were his instructors. He was awarded his 8th degree black belt certificate in 2013.

Master Alan Brosam

8th Degree Black Belt / Owner / Head Instructor

Master Alan Brosam was taught boxing at a young age by his father who was a boxing champion in the army. He began his karate training in 1969 with Grand Master Roy Kurban, and many other great karate notables such as Grand Master J. Pat Burleson, Master Rudy Smedley, Master Derrick Hayes, Billy Braemar, Billy Smith and Grand Master Maxie Cardoza. Master Brosam has taught karate for over 40 years.

Charlotte Hoffman-Emerson

3rd Degree Black Belt / Instructor

Mrs. Charlotte Hoffman-Emerson began her training December 29, 1969, at Loven Karate Studio in Fort Worth, Texas. In early February 1975, she moved Las Vegas, Nevada to test for her for black belt under her instructor Grandmaster Chuck Loven. On March 8, 1975, she earned her 1st degree black belt becoming Grandmaster Loven's 1st female black belt. Grandmaster Burleson described Mrs. Emerson as, "a leading female point fighting champion in the 70's and 80's and a pioneer in full contact knockout karate fighting top ranked Marion Burmudez for the championship September 21, 1975, at the Honolulu International Center Arena." This match was noted by Mike Stone as the 1st women's professional full contact match in the United States.

In 1975, Mrs. Emerson was honored to chosen by the Taekwondo group of the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) to be on a women's demonstration team consisting of 11 women from across the country to do point sparing demonstrations for the General Association of the International Sports Federation (GAISF). The GAISF works closely with the International Olympic Committee and these demonstrations were part of an effort to get Taekwondo accepted as an Olympic sport. In 1980, the United States became the first country to win Olympic Gold in women's Karate competition.
Mrs. Emerson, Charlotte Hoffman in 1976, was featured in the July 1976, issue of Official Karate Magazine’s "Karate Fabulous Females". In September 1976, a second article in Official Karate Magazine featured her favorite fighting techniques along with fellow student Gary Marchant, and Chief Instructor Doug Emerson. She was also a featured black belt in a Nevada television production entitled "Karate Fact and Fantasy".

In the early 1980's, she returned to Texas to be close to her aging parents and to attend college. On March 25, 1998, she was promoted to 3rd degree black belt by Grand Master J Pat Burleson. Mrs. Emerson continues to train in karate for its many health benefits, sense of family, and joy of teaching.

Class Schedule

Monday:         6PM - 7PM* -- Kata Night
Tuesday:         6PM - 7PM -- Beginner Tae Kwon Do / Defense
7PM - 8PM -- Advanced TKD
Wednesday:         6PM - 7PM* -- Beginner Tae Kwon Do / Defense
Thursday:         6PM - 7PM* -- Beginner Tae Kwon Do / Defense
Friday:         6PM - "until we're done"* -- Sparring

* - we're usually so enthusiastic that many evenings, we "go until we're done!"

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